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Economic development

Entreprises Riel is a private not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to undertake and foster Francophone economic, community and tourism development initiatives in the City of Winnipeg’s Riel District (St. Boniface, St. Norbert and St. Vital) in Manitoba, Canada. Corporate leaders from all three communities make up Riel’s Board of Directors.

Part of Riel’s mandate is being a leader and facilitator for the various organizations and businesses that contribute to economic and community development in the district. Acting as a catalyst, Riel assembles such entities in common economic projects and undertakings, always with a view of demonstrating how bilingualism represents a value-added commodity to the City of Winnipeg.

Entreprises Riel recognizes the value of tourist as an important contributor to the local economy as well as its capacity to increase visibility, maintain and share an areas heritage and attract visitors and tourists to the region.   The Tourisme Riel division of Entreprises Riel was established in 2001 to enhance and coordinate the tourism activity in the Riel region.

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Tourisme Riel

219, boul. Provencher Blvd.

Saint-Boniface, MB Canada

R2H 0G4

Phone: (204) 233-8343

Toll Free: 1-866-808-8338

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