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A Way to Express Myself

When: January 16th 2016
Where: 375 Deschambault Road

Maison Gabrielle-Roy is starting a new series of skill development workshops in French.
Called A Way to Express Myself,the workshops will explore ways to create and to publish participants’ work.
Eight workshops, planned to run between January and June, 2016, will be held in St. Boniface, St. Malo
and St. Pierre-Jolys. The fee of $20 covers the complete series of workshops.
The first workshop is to be held on January 16 at Maison Gabrielle-Roy, 375 Deschambault Street in
St. Boniface. The other workshops will alternate between St. Boniface and the participants’ communities.
For further information or to register for the workshops, please contact Robert Nicolas at (204) 231-3853.


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