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Methodology for tourists

When: March 3rd to April 9th 2016
Where: La Maison des Artistes Visuels Francophones

Presented in the form of actions, performances, interventions and writings, Méthodologies pour touristes (MPT) focuses on territory
as a structure that allows for the construction of an identity. MPT explores the themes of territory, boundaries and survival.
Culture is everything outside of survival. A variety of forms, clarity and definitions make up culture. Being a tourist in a territory
evokes a temporal landscape. A transitory experience of this nature remains as a mark on a piece of paper or on a map, in the memory
or in photographs. Léger integrates himself into the places that he visits by taking on a performative stance that seeks to evoke the
essence of the culture of territory. The photographs of his actions become both documents of a precise moment as well as a device that
questions the convention of the documents. The images express an interest in the temporality of the techniques used to document the
performances. The documentation video alters the narrative occasionally whereas the fixed images propose a more fertile space for the
imagination and a reflection on the performative aspect of the actions. It is an exploration of the link between the artist and the territory,
and between culture and identity; within a perspective that is as vast as his research and his production. 

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