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Published on: December 21, 2016

When: January 1st 2017
Where: Entreprise Riel, Ô tours and Tourisme Riel

As of January 1, 2017, services offered by Ô TOURS will be merged with Tourisme Riel. The founder of Ô TOURS, Michelle Gervais, as well as the guides, will continue their work with Ô TOURS under the umbrella of Tourisme Riel. This will guarantee a smooth transition, uninterrupted service and quality. Entreprises Riel through its tourism division, Tourisme Riel, has been mandated to undertake a francophone cultural tourism repositioning project which will redefine the francophone narrative, make it more marketable and solidify its foundation so as to allow for new and improved products to immerge. In order for Tourisme Riel to be prepared for growth in the community’s tourism sector, stay relevant and ahead of the curve, it must continuously adapt its services and adjust its capacity to best serve the industry. In order to maintain certain critical services for the industry, Entreprises Riel has endeavored to amalgamate the receptive tour services, itinerary planning and guide services of Ô TOURS with Tourisme Riel.
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